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Zejan the Wonder Monkey, one of the best Voltron fan artists out there, surprised me with an inked version of an old sketch she made.  She gave me permission to color it and post it here.  Please check out her site:  she has a great sense of humor (in case the picture wasn't enough of a hint, hehe):……

You will not be disappointed with her work.
After having this account for Trilobite-knows how long, I figured I may as well post some stuff.  Nothing mind-blowing, mind you, but the nostalgia bug hit me.  These things I uploaded are years old, and nowadays I either sketch or dabble haphazardly and forget about it.  I'm a technologist/scientist by trade, so this was always in good fun, even if the only one I ended up amusing was myself.

Some of these may be a bit small, and I apologize for that: they were made back when 800x600 was big and I've since lost the originals.

If anyone gets a laugh or chuckle out of this stuff, then I've done a good deed :D
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